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Independent Contractors

Yes, you will need to have your own vehicle with an auto insurance policy of bodily injury limits of $100/$300/$100. You can’t contract an Uber, taxi, or any other transportation service to work with CrimCares.

Paraprofessionals/Behavior Aid applicants must have 3 to 5 years of experience working with families, children and youth, and/or a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

WRAP Services and Counseling applicants must have 5 years of experience, with supporting references, and a Bachelor’s degree or certified license.

1. APPLICATION. Complete the online application (Please be ready to upload digital copies of your resume, driver’s license, and professional licenses/certifications).

2. RESUME SCREENING. Our Human Resources department reviews the submitted documentation.

3. INTERVIEW. If you are chosen, you will receive an appointment for Interview request via e-mail. Please accept it, confirm your attendance, and show up for your interview.

4. REFERENCE CHECKS. After a successful interview you become a potential candidate and are competing with others for the job position. We will perform reference calls to know more about you and to help us make the best decision.

5. BACKGROUND CHECK. As a potential hire you will undergo a criminal background check, and will be scheduled for a drug screening test. Please do not miss your appointment.

6. DECISION & JOB OFFER. Everything checked well and you’re hired! You will receive a welcome e-mail with login credentials to access the online CC-Admin Office, where you’ll find everything you need to start. Please read carefully and follow directions.

6. TRAINING. Please complete all required training online and in-person.

7. READY TO WORK! Start receiving assignments and contracts!

Paraprofessionals/Behavior Aid contractors’ pay starts at $18-$20/hour depending on your experience.



Go to FieldPrint and click on ‘Schedule Appointment’. If it’s your first time Sign Up to open an account. Follow instructions to confirm your e-mail address and gain access.

Once you’ve logged in your new account, continue the process to request appointment:

1. Skip the FieldPrint Code and continue to choose from the options provided below. To apply with Crim Cares you’ll need to choose ‘Department of Human Services (DHS)’.

2. Next, from the DHS list, choose ‘Contractors’.

3. On Reason for Fingerprinting dropdown list choose ‘DHS – Health Agencies/Contractors Providing Direct Child Care’.

4. Now, enter our Crim Cares Agency ID as shown in the image below.

5. Continue to fill out the personal and contact information (must match information you entered on the Crim Cares Career Application Form).


6. Submit the completed FieldPrint Appointment Request Form. A confirmation notice with a Registration ID will appear letting you know that your information will have to be verified in order to be approved so you can receive a link to schedule your fingerprint appointment. You will need that Registration ID for the next step.

Notice of Fingerprint Submission


• You must go to our Career page under ‘Get Verified’, fill and submit a Notice of Fingerprint Submission. You will need to enter the Registration ID that FieldPrint assigned to you. You can always go back to your FieldPrint account and find it.


• Crim Cares will approve your request for appointment in less than 24hrs upon verification of your matching personal/contact information.


• FieldPrint will receive our approval, verify the matching information, and approve your request. Allow 24-48 hours to receive an e-mail from FieldPrint with a link where you’ll be able to schedule the date and time of your appointment.

Do not miss your fingerprint appointment!

Once Crim Cares receives the approval from the State and you’ve passed all the Background Checks, we will give you MAO access so you can sign the Contract and get hands on training and work.



The jobs you apply for at crimcares.com are all on a contractual basis, unless noted otherwise on a separate list of available positions.

As an independent contractor:

1. You will establish a business relationship with Crim Cares rather than that of an employer-employee.

2. You are not eligible to receive normal employee benefits such as pension, sick leave, paid leave, bonuses, etc.

3. You are not restricted from performing similar services for another company, as you are your own company and not an employee.

4. You have the ability to reject or accept assignments, you are not an employee clocking in, but you can manage your own time and availability.

At Crim Cares we encourage you to meet and sustain the following Contractor standard:

1. Have your own business established (mostly for tax purposes).

2. Have a business license.

3. Have your own business cards or you order your personalized Crim Cares business cards.

3. Be willing to complete voluntarily all training and workshops.

4. Be motivated to take on several assignments every week, as they become available.

5. Be efficient submitting on time the complete and detailed required reports to administration directly.

As an Independent contractor you are hired for a specific period of time, generally governed by the duration of a project, contract or grant.

A contractor may be terminated if in violation of any of the rules and regulations of Crim Cares and/or DFCS.